Leonice + Bralin | Shifting Sands | Virginia Beach, Virginia

For the week of Leonice and Bralin's wedding I just happened to be staying at my moms timeshare with family. It was perfect for the double header I had that week, to only be twenty minutes from each venue that my two couple's weddings were at. The day before I was photographing at the beautiful Founders Inn and Spa. To make things even better, Leonice just happened to be getting ready at the SAME resort we were staying in! I was able to find some pretty light in the upstairs lobby that just happened to have a yellow dresser to go along with the colors and dresses. 

Leonice and Bralin were such a sweet couple. They kept up their spirits completely despite of the rain that day. I felt so bad for them when the storms that afternoon just would not stop, and we weren't able to get any beach photos for them. The rain finally stopped, and we were able to get a few night time portraits for them outside. 

I just loved working with these two, and having the honor of capturing them laughing and enjoying being with their family and friends. They truly danced the night away at their reception!

Leonice and Bralin absolutely adore each other and I wish them all the best!