My Liam | A Mother's Day Post | Carrollton, Virginia

This little boy below is my heart! He makes me laugh and smile every day. He is two years old going on twenty.... he is so smart and just amazes us every day with his hilarious personality and sweet spirit. I pray all the time I am the best mommy I can be to our little Liam. I pray that he knows the Lord at a young age, and follows Him all the days of his life. I still feel like I just brought him home from the hospital weighing 6lbs 11oz. They mean it when they say " You blink and they are all grown up. " 

The pictures below are the perfect photos of our Liam in his element... our boy loves " beep beeps " as he calls them. with a steering wheel... or that is something he can push ha ha. We found this little Tractor for sale on Facebook , and knew Liam would love it! 

I love the JOY captured on his little face when he first got it, and then learned how to push the petal. He thought he was so big in his John Deere Tractor. Of course our dog (Captain) had to be in all the photos with him. Those two are best friends! 

You have to make sure you scroll to the bottom to see some adorable moments of Liam helping his da da cut the grass! He was so determined!