Luke + Ashlee | Surprise Proposal | Norfolk Botanical Gardens | Norfolk, Virginia

You guys I could not wait to share this amazing proposal on the blog today! Luke contacted me several months ago to begin putting the surprise together. He truly thought of every detail! 

He had the idea to do " Couples Pictures" at The Botanical Garden's in Norfolk for a way to get Ashlee to the location for him to propose. Then he had both Ashlee's family, and his parents in on the secret to be waiting for them in the Rose Garden as another surprise for her. He even had Ashlee's family tell her that they were on vacation in Atlantic City as another twist to keep her from guessing anything was up. 

For the photos he bought her the famous Louis Vuitton heels to wear, and a beautiful gold rose to have as a symbol of his love. ( SO SWEET ) When he purchased the ring he wanted it to be the exact picture he had in mind for her, so he had custom diamonds added for it to be exactly what he envisioned for Ashlee's ring. Luke even added a little humor to the proposal by buying a ring box that had a built in light, because he and Ashlee saw several months before where a celebrity proposed with a box with a light in it, and joked that a proposal wasn't legit if it didn't have a light in the box. 

I LOVED how Luke literally thought of everything to give Ashlee the best he could for the proposal. Truly you can't be around these two, and not see how much he absolutely adores her. Wishing them both so much happiness together! It was an honor to capture such priceless memories!