Cassandra + Tyler Wedding Highlight Film | Darlington, Maryland

Hunter has been on Military orders in Arkansas for the last 5 weeks. He has done an amazing job producing three Highlight Films while being in a very strict class to further his Recruiting career in the National Guard. I am so PROUD of him, and all he is accomplishing. 

Cassandra and Tyler's film was the last one he made before he came home. Usually I get to see the behind the scenes as he is working in the office on the films, but the last three have all been a surprise since he has been gone. Each one I sat down to watch for the first time, and I was blown away! So huge shout out to Hunter Winn, and how much he has grown... and is continuing to grow our film side of our business. 

Click on the picture below to view Cassandra and Tyler's full Highlight Film from their beautiful wedding day.