Always a Toys "R" Us Kid

I can remember one of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions each year as a kid was going to Toys "R" Us with my cousins. We would each get $50 to go, and spend however we would like. We would spend hours in there deciding what toy or toys were the perfect ones to pick with our Christmas cash. Our parents were saints as they always just followed us around helping us decide what was the wisest way to spend it. So many amazing memories, and magical moments when stepping through those doors when you are a kid. It truly would just BLOW you away of how many toys one store could hold. 

I made sure Liam had that same love for Toys "R" Us. He is only three years old, but caught on real quick on what his favorite store was. When he was just turning two he decided that Target was mommy's store, and Best Buy was daddy's store..... so logically Toys "R" Us was Liam's store. It chokes me up writing this thinking of such a special place closing down. Even today Liam asked if we could go to Toys "R" Us when I put him in the car to go run some errands. I said " no buddy.. not today. " He said " Is it closed? " " It's ok it will open again. " In his little heart it was just closed for the day, but like Target, Best Buy, etc... it would surely open back up tomorrow. 

When I found out that they were closing I of course had to document some memories of Liam running around the store just being a " Toys "R" Us kid. " The WOW and JOY on his little face was just priceless when we walked in. Every Spiderman, Paw Patrol, and anything else his heart desired all at his fingertips. 

So even at three years old I can say my little guy followed after his mommy, and was without a doubt a Toys "R" Us kid. Never grow up my Liam! 


Thank you Toys "R" Us for all the magic,

and joy you brought to so many of us in our childhood.

Something that will truly be treasured forever.