Jon & Becky | Fort Boykin | Baby Announcement

Oh my goodness these photos made me so happy to be able to take for one of my best friends! Becky and I have known each other for many years, and became close in a discipleship program we were in together several years ago. I was out of my mind excited for them when I found out this happy news! Definitely answered prayers!

Becky and Jon chose Fort Boykin in Smithfield for their pictures for the special significance that it holds. They stood side by side three years ago and were married at the same tree you will see them in pictures below at. I stood by Becky's side as her Maid of Honor. This place is so special to them and the perfect place to announce this happy news. Fort Boykin is a hidden gem of Smithfield. 

The other perfect idea for their pictures were using the baby Toms. I also stood next to Becky wearing Toms at her wedding. Any one who knows these two know how much they love them ha ha. That is what Becky, Jon, and the bridal party all wore. So it was just the perfect way to reveal their big announcement. 

I hope you all enjoy these sweet photos of Jon and Becky! I am so excited for them. They are both going to be such incredible parents!!!