My Mother's Day

I have been wanting to do a "Details Session" with my own little one for quite a while now. I'm so glad I finally got them done. I can't believe how quickly his tiny little fingers and toes are growing. It truly is a blink of an eye. These photos were Liam's gift to me for Mother's Day! Just that I got him to sit still long enough to capture such still and sweet moments. 

 Our Liam is 14 months old, and is the absolute joy of our lives. He is the sweetest little guy.  

He is such a social butterfly. He is always saying "hi" to someone and making them smile. He makes little old ladies laugh because when he first sees them he thinks they are his Great Grandma. They just love it lol!  

He spends his days trying to master walking ( lots of bumps and "uh-ohs" ), and is very inquisitive about everything. 

He has learned how to "Patty Cake" and regularly "rolls it and throws it in the pan!"  I actually captured one of him "rolling it" below - ha ha. 

He is learning about different animals and the sounds they make. His favorite is the cow and saying  " moo." 

He is always laughing and smiling, and is the apple of our eye. He has been an absolute blessing to us all.